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Protecting forests

About 80% of forests that covered the surface area of the planet has been destroyed, and most of these in the last 30 years. On the average an area large as a soccer field is deforested every two seconds. This is the time to act. It is estimated that every year we lose between 10 and 16 million hectares of primary forest. This destruction represents a serious threat for an incredible number of species of plants and animals, and it endangers the future of entire populations of forests worldwide. Illegal logging, widespread corruption, and human rights violations are typical in the timber industrial field and they represent the more dangerous factors for primary forests destruction. The massive employment of tropical wood is today a clear example of environmental damage.
The over-use of tropical wood is perhaps the most obvious example of possible environmental damage, but also the timber of temperate forests is often extracted in destructive conditions (European Russia, Siberia, Eastern Europe). However, the wood could be considered the ecological building material par excellence. Compared to other materials such as PVC, wood is able to grow, it is environmentally produced, it lasts a very long time, it is biodegradable and it can be put back into the natural cycle, after using it.


FSC – Forest Stewardship Council certified wood comes from good forest management practices


Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international independent non-profit organization founded by a group of environmental organizations including Greenpeace, representatives of indigenous peoples, organizations for development cooperation, forest producers , workers, wood industries, scientists and forestry experts, who join their experience to create a certification hindering the destruction of forests.
The FSC is a certification system that allows the consumer to recognize products manufactured with raw materials that come from forests correctly managed from a social and environmental point of view. This certification occurs according to well-defined, clear and verifiable standard procedures. Hundreds of representative members of social, economic and environmental sectors that are interested in the forest management in the world have drawn these standards.
Nowadays about 35 million hectares of forests in 56 countries and more than 2.200 companies are FSC certified. Companies that want to demonstrate that the market for wood products can really be sustainable will find a valuable help with FSC.
Where to find it: On the website of FSC Italy (
By clicking on Italian companies you will find wood and paper producers certified FSC



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