Paper and Fold - Paper and Fold | Arredamento Ecosostenibile


In case it has been soaked, should we throw the piece of furniture away?

Obviously after a total immersion, we could have many problems to solve, but if products are just wetted a little with water or other liquids, they are protected by water and humidity-resistant film both on the Folded cardboard that on re- board paper, employed in our cardboard furnishing.

What is the payload of your object?

The payload of each individual column is about 150 kg.

Which are the benefits of your products comparing with other similar solutions?

Our products provide many advantages: they have an easy and rapid assembly, they are lightweight and easily transportable, they take up a very little space when they are dismantled, they are totally customizable in shape, during the press. It is possible to process our items with finishing, they are 100% eco- friendly , they support up to 150 kg… Simply made with a sheet of cardboard folded, our products are the only ones that can support this load.

Concerning the exhibitor piece, how it is possible that It can occupy only 4 cm when it is closed and 40 cm when it is open?

This is the advantage of the folded cardboard that allows us to create objects in accordion style. This is the peculiarity to ground the shapes of our products on. Our strength is to be different employing folded cardboard that is not creased and water resistant.

How long do your products last?

You should pay attention to your cardboard furniture as well as with the traditional wood furniture. Obviously the cardboard is a material softer than wood, however if it is well conserved it can last many years preserving its special aspect of Natural Ecological Furniture.