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A life philosophy to teach to the new generations

The manifesto is “Don’t waste” – it is a life philosophy that should be included in civic education at school, it is a political message and the light at the end of the tunnel to avoid the collapse of the planet: this is the introduction of the new pocket edition of the book “Non Sprecare” (Don’t waste, Antonio Galdo), the manifesto explaining the essential ideas of the web page. Follow your Dreams and wishes to realize Concrete changes.

IMAGINE The Eleventh Commandment.

I hesitated before giving my book to Father Riccardo, my pastor and scholar of theology with a missionary vocation. I wondered how he would react reading the opening words of the back cover:
“Just imagine what would be the Eleventh commandment”. I feared his judgment , instead he was witty and kind as a true intellectual pastor:
«Antonio, if you read more carefully the Ten Commandments, you will easily find out that God did not need your advice to dictate an eleventh Commandment. All of them contain the invitation to not waste, and God would not have wasted the Word of God revealing a new commandment already implicit in its ten …»


Written by b74