Paper and Fold - Paper and Fold | Arredamento Ecosostenibile

Protecting forests About 80% of forests that covered the surface area of the planet has been destroyed, and most of these in the last 30 years. On the average an area large as a soccer field is deforested every two seconds. This is the time to act. It is estimated that every year we lose …

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Do not waste

A life philosophy to teach to the new generations The manifesto is “Don’t waste” – it is a life philosophy that should be included in civic education at school, it is a political message and the light at the end of the tunnel to avoid the collapse of the planet: this is the introduction of …

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Green Economy: tabella con classifica delle Regioni

(ANSA) – Ancona, Feb. 3 – Marche is a sustainable, environmentally and green economy conscious region. The region is second in the ranking of the Green Economy 2014, compiled by the Foundation Enterprise-studies on small business. The region has passed from the fourteenth to the second position, after Trentino Alto Adige, in the past five …

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