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About us

Paper and fold, successful brand in the Eco-design field, was founded with the aim of reducing the dramatic environmental impact caused by the industrial production, by providing a planning oriented to environmental issues and developing sustainable design items. Thanks to the employment of renewable resources, materials and production processes, Paper and Fold has became the pioneer in this area during the latest years. “ We want to leave the world better than we found it”, by respecting the environment and taking full advantage of the knowledge we acquired in the complex and natural materials processing..these are the guiding ideas for our daily work. Paper and Fold is part of Galassi Group, world leader in the production of accordion bellows. Thanks to a constant drive toward innovation and to the continuous investments in technology, the group has been able to leverage and enhance its competencies. New ideas, visions, experiences and a deep knowledge of materials and technology, make Paper and Fold a "creative laboratory".